2011-06-22 17:55:30 by Crankis

Got some new tunes up that I wrote with my new band, Moros. Check out our Facebook and ReverbNation pages if you want, or just download the stuff here. Review this stuff please; we gotta get some feedback on the music before we start putting in vocal tracks. This is the kind of metal we like to hear, and we hope ya'll do too!

The Return Of Me

2010-04-15 00:50:24 by Crankis

So, I've recently had a falling out with a band I was playing with for awhile. I will therefore be coming back to the site to start publishing music again. Now, I know pretty much everything I've put up has been a cover of some sort, but this time around I'll be attempting to put up some of my original work. I'll try to spare everyone earaches and choose carefully.

That being said, I'd really like to collaborate with people on some multimedia projects. So, if you specifically need some kind of music for a game, a movie, whatever, let me know about it. I'm trying to get back into this madness with full speed, so any work would be great.

Thanks everyone for all of your support over the years, and keep checking back and reviewing this garbage. I appreciate it.

Musical Compositions

2010-01-11 15:58:43 by Crankis

If anybody has a project they need music for, give me a shout. Trying to get back into composing; thanks a bunch guys.


2009-07-05 18:21:54 by Crankis

Everyone be sure to check out this new gaming site, Great reviews, fantastic articles.


2008-01-10 22:51:11 by Crankis


Dr. Mario - Axeclash
Castlevania: Bloody Tears - GronmonSE

I just gotta say...

2008-01-06 16:30:01 by Crankis

I think that metal bands have by far the best names ever. I think my favorite at the moment is a tie between Dying Fetus and Goatwhore. Just thinking out loud.